The Prosecution of Mr. Darcy’s Cousin

Written by Regina Jeffers
Review by Celia Shea

Regina Jeffers, a prolific author of Jane Austen pastiche-fiction, turns in a sparkling mixture of historical period piece and whodunit in her latest book, The Prosecution of Mr. Darcy’s Cousin.

The setting of the novel will be familiar to readers of such pastiche-fiction: Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice have been happily married for years, have two sons, and look forward to years of more happiness when their peace is shattered by sudden news: Major General Edward Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin, has vanished from the somewhat cold marriage he contracted with Darcy’s sister Georgiana, and Darcy is enlisted to find the errant husband.

Find him he does, in the demimonde of London – but in his absence he has been implicated in two murders, and in order to save his life and clear the family name, Darcy must turn sleuth and find the real culprit.

The touch here is very light but very sure; fans of Austen fiction will be delighted.