The Proposition: A Novel

Written by Madeleine Roux
Review by India Edghill

England, 1819.  What would you do for revenge?  This is the question Clemency Fry must answer, and the wrong answer will lead to endless misery.  For Clemency is a bluestocking who’s adamantly against marriage until she meets the handsome, charismatic Lord Boyle and falls head over heels in passionate love with him.  However, Lord Boyle doesn’t love Clemency; he loves her fortune.  When Clemency discovers this, she’s devastated.

Then she meets the darkly brooding Audric Ferrand, who’s after Lord Boyle on behalf of Audric’s sister, whom Boyle also romanced and then abandoned.  And Audric has a risky proposition for Clemency, one that will gain revenge on Lord Boyle for both of them – or ruin their reputations.  But will Clemency seek vengeance?  Or will she seek love instead?

Clemency is witty and spirited, and Audric is a match for her in every way.  The Proposition is full of strong characters and solid writing, and the tension between Clemency and Audric is almost palpable. The struggle against their growing love and their personal demons, makes for an intriguing book.  So—what would you do for revenge?  All’s fair in love and war… or is it?