The Prophet from Ephesus

Written by Caroline Lawrence
Review by jay Dixon

I was sad to learn, on doing the research for this review, that there is only one book in Lawrence’s Roman mysteries series left to come. However, she is starting a new series, which will include some of the now-teenage characters from this one.

In this sequel to The Scribes from Alexandria, we pick up the four friends in hiding in Alexandria, wanted by the authorities for treason. They are trying to get back home, only to discover they are wanted there as well. Joined by the tutor Aristo, they learn from him that children have been kidnapped in Ostia. Escaping from Alexandria, they follow the trail to Halicarnassus, where the children meet up with old friends and old enemies, and the leaders of a new Jewish sect, who are followers of a crucified man called Jesus of Nazareth. And as they track down the kidnappers, one of them is having visions of the future.

Lawrence may be classed as a children’s writer, but this adult enjoys her work and learns something each time she reads a new book in this very enjoyable series.