The Princess of Sparta (Heroes of the Trojan War)


King Tyndareus rules Sparta in 1250 BC as one of the great superpowers of the time. When he sends word to the surrounding kingdoms that his beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Helen, seeks a royal husband, suitors arrive daily by ship to their harbor. Helen had watched as her twin sister was given to a king she did not love at the tender age of 13, moving to the faraway kingdom of Mycenae. Helen fears her own upcoming marriage to a powerful stranger and leaving her loving father, but when the king instead gives his favorite daughter the choice of kingdoms to sail to, she does not choose wisely. Six years later, the unhappy princess finds a kindred spirit in the handsome Prince Paris, an ambassador of Troy who arrives in Mycenae to negotiate a peace. This historical novel, the first in a series, ends just as their relationship begins.

It is interesting to read this historical fiction account of Homer’s famed Helen of Troy. The author shows her as a teenage girl growing into womanhood and how sad her life becomes. We also see Paris growing up as the least favored son in a large royal family, lonely and unloved. The reader gets a nice spin on how this couple could have been drawn together in the most dangerous romance of that period. As a reader, I was left wanting to read the next book in Aria Cunningham’s series, so that I can see how she will flesh out this next part of their lives. Legend has taught us how this will end, but the Heroes of the Trojan War series promises to bring it to life for me.

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