The Prince Kidnaps A Bride

Written by Christina Dodd
Review by Rebecca Roberts

Exiled and hiding from revolutionaries in a Scottish convent for ten years, the winter of 1810 finds Crown Princess Sorcha determined to return to her small kingdom in the Pyrenees and take up her royal duties once again. With assassins out to stop her, Sorcha must rely on a simple fisherman as her companion and guide. Of course, unbeknownst to Sorcha, the dull-witted fisherman is really the arrogant young prince to whom she was betrothed at birth.

After years of imprisonment by a cruel usurper, Prince Rainger is determined to win back his kingdom and take Princess Sorcha for his wife. Exploiting Sorcha’s innocence, he convinces her to marry him to protect herself from assassins. Although Sorcha willing marries her beloved simple fisherman, marrying an arrogant prince is another thing, and Rainger is in for a bit of trouble when she finds out who he really is.

Passions flare, danger lurks, and the plot builds swiftly toward Rainger’s final confrontation with his nemesis in this page-turning historical romance. Despite its preposterous title and silly love scenes, this final book in Dodd’s Lost Princesses trilogy is sure to entertain.