The Priest

Written by Francine Rivers
Review by Viviane Crystal

Torn with jealousy from an early age, Aaron is transformed by God’s voice in this freshly written version about Moses and Aaron, the servants of Yahweh who lead the Jews out of Egyptian slavery toward the Promised Land. Aaron hates Moses, saved from death by Pharaoh’s edict, because of his mother’s obvious preference. Moses is a weak man without a country, hated by the Egyptians for his Jewish origin and by his own people for his preferential upbringing. Riddled by that insecurity, Moses needs Aaron to be the mouthpiece of God and advisor to deal with the constantly “complaining” Jews. The highlight of this story is the compassionate and wise person Aaron, throughout “his duties, dilemmas, and disappointments.” Francine Rivers offers the reader a fine characterization of Aaron, truly a man of God speaking for His people. A study guide is added at the end of the novel.