The Pirate Captain: Chronicles of a Legend

Written by Kerry Lynne
Review by Steve Donoghue

Nathanael Blackthorne, the pirate captain of Lynne’s boisterous, hilarious debut, is not only a scourge of the mid-18th century West Indies shipping lanes but also something of a legend; frightened (and envious) traders and sea captains whisper that he’s been shot any number of times and even has supernatural powers. Blackthorne himself is an endlessly entertaining variation of the fictional pirate, by turns ruthless, profane, and insightful. When he accidentally kidnaps Catherine Mackenzie, a young woman every bit as unconventional and resourceful as himself, Lynne’s book becomes an irresistible shaggy dog saga of their adventures as she gains the trust of Blackthorne’s crew.

This is a long novel that reads very quickly; the author has a knack for describing naval action, and the Patrick O’Brian-style Age of Sail naval jargon is kept sufficiently under control so as not to alienate newcomers to the genre. A marvelously entertaining saga; future volumes are eagerly anticipated.