The Perfect Seduction

Written by Margo Maguire
Review by Mirella Patzer

Maguire writes a rich medieval tale about Kathryn de St. Marie, a young woman in 11th century England who lives a chaste life in a convent and who dreams of discovering a true, rapturous love. A brutal band of marauding Scots invades the tranquility of her life and takes her prisoner. Edric, the sullen Saxon lord of Braxton Hall, who has ties to the Normans, stumbles upon the barbaric chaos to chase away the Scots and rescue Kathryn. Kathryn and Edric discover that beneath their bitter enmity for each other, a powerful attraction slowly burgeons into a passionate love.

The author has written an excellent tale, true to the times, that has been well researched and carefully crafted. Sometimes the author “tells” rather than “shows,” and at times I felt that passages could have been fleshed out a little more to bring out more sexual tension between the two main characters. Regardless, the tale is highly believable, and definitely one to read if you are a fan of medieval romance. If you want a light, enjoyable summer novel to sweep you away to a time long ago, then you will find this a very satisfying read.