The Peacemaker

Written by Lori Copeland
Review by B. J. Sedlock

In July 1865, Wynne Elliot is bent on revenge—to shoot that varmint, Cass Claxton, who stood her up at the altar and stole her money. But her plans to follow him to his Missouri home go awry when the stage is robbed and she is stranded without a penny. The two strangers who rescue her turn out to be Cass’s brothers, and the family takes her in. But Cole Claxton vows to prevent Wynne from carrying out her revenge on his brother.

I’m usually ready to like a Christian romance that has a sense of humor. But this plot is just a bit too contrived, and the historical gaffes jarring. Copeland has a character refer to a talkative person having been “vaccinated with a phonograph needle” over a decade before the phonograph was invented. And she uses 21st century expressions, such as “grungy” and “hissy fit.” This volume one in the “Men of the Saddle” series succeeds as a modern romance in fancy dress. But if you prefer true period flavor to your historical fiction, look elsewhere.