The Pattern of her Heart

Written by Judith Miller Tracie Peterson
Review by Viviane Crystal

The plague strikes Jasmine Houston’s father and relatives, leaving her and her brother the sole owners of a southern plantation, The Willows. Jasmine and Nolan, ardent abolitionists, want to make this plantation prosper while at the same time find a way to free the slaves her father had used to prosper. However, a disastrous event will conspire to force this young couple to make some critical decisions for slaves who wouldn’t have the economic means to survive if they were freed. This novel offers a clear portrait not only of the anti-slavery issue in pre-Civil War America but also of the religious climate and economic problems of both free and slave people whose Northern and Southern beliefs and businesses were inextricably linked. Faith is the element these authors choose as the appropriate response to any worldly challenge. This novel’s plot and resolution don’t lag, despite its predictability.