The Other Miss Bridgerton: A Bridgertons Prequel

Written by Julia Quinn
Review by Ray Thompson

Summer, 1786, and Poppy Bridgerton is feeling a little bored. Suitors have been disappointingly dull, and her visit with an old friend is a bit tedious. That, however, changes radically when she stumbles across a cave on her walk by the shore.

During the next two months she is kidnapped, not once but twice; and, of course, falls in love with an unexpectedly suitable gentleman. That she falls in love with the handsome captain of the ship in which she is confined comes as no surprise to readers of romance. Not only does he treat her well (under the circumstances), but they soon learn to enjoy one another’s company; and although she does not know it, he is actually her cousin’s brother-in-law, serving his country on a secret mission. The second abduction, at the hands of Portuguese brigands, is, however, much more dangerous.

The scenario, albeit unlikely, does allow the pair to spend more time alone together than conventions of the era allow, and to learn to appreciate each other’s admirable qualities. Quinn develops their relationship with her trademark wit and humor, though mood darkens in the latter part of the romance, appropriately enough. Strongly recommended.