The Other Guy’s Bride

Written by Connie Brockway
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

Set in early 20th-century Egypt, this rollicking romance pits disaster-prone archeologist – pretending to be an officer’s bride-to-be – Ginisse Braxton against her desert guide, cynical adventurer Jim Owen, who she takes for an American cowboy until he turns out to be an English duke.

As they get closer to Ginisse’s goal of the lost city of Zerzura, both their conflicts and their sensuality deepen. Roving bandit abduction and surviving the heat and storms of the exotic locale add to their partnership and camaraderie. But their impossible love grows even more so once their true identities are revealed.

The great joy of this adventure is in the snappy talk relationship between these two impostors, even as the plot occasionally reels into spoof territory. Who wouldn’t fall for a too-tall heroine whose lover describes her nose as “wonderfully Florentine”?