The Oracles of Troy: Volume 4 (Adventures of Odysseus)

Written by Glyn Iliffe

The Oracles of Troy tells of the last months of the most famous war in history – the Fall of Troy. The war has already seen ten years of conflict and Odysseus, the main character, wants to go home, where his beloved wife, Penelope, waits for him and where she has political troubles of her own. To do this, Odysseus must undertake three tasks set by an old seer before coming up with the idea that effectively ends the war. With him is his friend, Eperitus, who has his own reasons for wanting to, finally, break down the Trojan walls.

Glyn Iliffe has written an epic, fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable story of how the long drawn-out war must have been for king and soldier alike. His characters are strong and likeable and all of the myths and gods are there and brought to life by his excellent prose. We see, too, the curse of Cassandra, the cunning of Odysseus, the rage of Menelaus and the uncertainty of Helen.

The final destruction of Troy is told with chilling realism.

From the bright, self-explanatory cover to the last page, I was hooked and will be looking forward to more of the series. Highly recommended.