The Midnight Guardian

Written by Sarah Jane Stratford
Review by Lisa Ann Verge

This first volume in The Millennial Series tells the story of Brigit, a fierce Saxon-era vampire with serious anger management issues, who is sent on a mission to thwart the Nazis before they start another world war. But Brigit doesn’t have human interests in mind: The previous world war caused terrible destruction to the vampire’s food source, and the subsequent deprivation led to a vampire civil war. The Millennials—a group of powerful vampires who have existed for at least a thousand years—intend to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

The heart of this volume is Brigid, a fierce and complicated creation. She’s a vampire deeply in love with another of her kind, a man forced to stay behind in England. She’s a creature with no qualms about sucking the blood out of humans—yet out of honor she is bound to protect two Jewish children she attempts to smuggle out of Germany. The story jumps skillfully between the past and present, detailing how Brigit became a vampire, how she found her life’s mate, Eamon, how she and her compatriots infiltrate the upper echelons of Nazi power, even as skillful vampire hunters stalk them in turn. Though the mission is doomed to failure, these vampires strike where they can, taking small measures of vengeance before they are forced to flee for safety.

Push through the confusing, head-hopping five-page prologue—it’s not representative of the rest of the story, which is emotional and compelling and well-written. The author has penned a promising beginning to a new vampire series.