The Message on the Quilt

Written by Stephanie Grace Whitson
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Emilie Rhodes is a newspaperwoman at heart. Unfortunately, in 1890s Nebraska, there’s no such thing. Newspapermen, including Emilie’s father, run the world. When her father forbids her a career in journalism, Emilie begins writing for the competition—anonymously, of course.

Noah Shaw is troubled by his mother’s stories of the past. These stories, represented by pictures on a quilt she stitched, plague his mind with questions: Where does he come from? Where does he belong? Will he ever learn the truth?

When Emilie and Noah cross paths, a deep attraction begins to develop. But will Noah’s dedication to finding the past prevent him from creating a future? Will Emilie’s ambition outweigh her love for Noah?

Stephanie Grace Whitson’s latest addition to the Quilt Chronicles series, The Message on the Quilt, is one of the best books I have ever read. The characters are multi-faceted—vulnerable enough to be endearing, but strong enough to be inspiring. The story is layered with mystery and drama but frequently peppered with humor. And the writing style is completely engaging. Overall, I would recommend The Message on the Quiltto any reader of historical Christian fiction—or simply any reader, for that matter!