The Marplot Marriage

Written by Beth Andrews
Review by Nan Curnutt

Mischievous, fun-loving Phoebe Bridgerton and her stuffy cousin-in-law, Charles Hargood, are thrown into matrimony because of the inconvenient but extremely entertaining circumstance of being discovered in bed together by a party of guests. These include Phoebe’s best friend, Charles’s fiancee, his mother, and his future mother-in-law. It seems Charles’s mother made a mistake in room assignments. Charles and Phoebe proclaim their disinterest in each other while fighting their growing attraction. Phoebe’s antagonism towards Charles soon takes a new direction as Clarissa, Lady Stainford, decides to claim Phoebe’s bridegroom. Suddenly, Charles is beginning to look a lot less stuffy.

Beth Andrews has crafted a shockingly delightful romp in the first two chapters of this novel. Although the following chapters pale in comparison, this is still an enjoyable Regency romance. Both Phoebe and Charles are likable characters. Their vulnerability is charmingly expressed. The antagonists in this story are also charming in their own wicked ways, adding more than a touch of humor to the story, despite their intended malice.