The Map of Time


Time in this novel seems to spin in spiral patterns, weaving past, present, and future. Innocently enough, the first part of these interconnected events begins with the aristocrat Andrew Harrington seeing a painting of a beautiful woman. Although he discovers she is a common whore, he is so star-struck he must find her. Very quickly they fall passionately in love. Andrew’s love opens up suppressed feelings in Marie Kelly she had forgotten existed.

But that doesn’t stop the horrific event that shortly follows. It is only through the interference of a caring friend that brings Marie back to life for Andrew, a scheme involving the time travel made so popular in H.G. Wells’ famous novel, The Time Machine. Andrew moves from suicidal intent to sheer bliss!

Elsewhere, a phenomenon occurring in Africa creates a new peaceful world. Later on we meet a British character who will claim he can actually convey the people of the 1800s into the year 2000. But the trip for one female character, who intends to journey on “Murray’s Time Travel” machine, includes wooing the famous Captain Shackleton, a warrior who defeats the warlike automaton. Readers will be astonished as this portion of conflict unfolds with murder and mayhem for some but passionate love for others. Finally, the conflict involves the inventor of the time machine plotting with the renowned authors H.G. Wells, Henry James, and Bram Stoker. They learn that gifted individuals are transported to past or future in climactic times. This plot is complex in a way that displays this author’s very literate talents, causing the reader to race through the pages to discover just how important time, escape, and change is – or isn’t. Astounding, and sure to be a bestseller!

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(US) 9781439167397
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