The Magnolia Duchess: Gulf Coast Chronicles, #3

Written by Beth White
Review by Lauren Miller

Fiona Lanier is undeterred in her efforts to rescue her brother, captured by the British Navy, and not even Charlie Kincaid, a man from her past who recently survived a shipwreck, will keep her from bringing her brother safely home. As Charlie begins recovering his memory, it is clear that the two stand on opposite sides of the conflict, and Fiona’s act of charity develops into a tale of adventure, danger, intrigue, and love.

White has crafted a stirring trilogy around the lives of several generations of the Lanier family, set in her native Mississippi, and bringing to life, in this final tale, the area’s role in the War of 1812. Weaving together three separate love stories in one volume, White explores timeless values such as love and loyalty, honor and duty, and faith in a God that directs our steps. Although some of the plot points stretch this historical romance beyond the realm of likelihood into fantasy, the level of detail and humor in her writing carries the story, and readers of the series will not be disappointed with its conclusion.