The Lure of the Moonflower (The Final Pink Carnation Novel)

Written by Lauren Willig
Review by Monica E. Spence

This is the final (sob!) chapter of Pink Carnation stories. In 2005, our series narrator, Eloise, has abandoned her Ph.D. thesis to pen historical novels. She and Colin Selwick are set to tie the knot, all while attempting to juggle family and friends from both sides of the Atlantic who are making a hash of their life in and around stately-but-crumbling Selwick Manor.

1807: Jane Wooliston, our favorite intrepid female Regency-era spy, knows her skills as well as her limitations when it comes to spying on the French. She reluctantly teams up with the brilliant and charismatic rogue agent known as the Moonflower, aka Jack Reid, son of Colonel Reid and stepson of Jane’s former guardian, Miss Gwen. Their mission: to protect mad-as-a-hatter Queen Maria of Portugal from capture by Napoleon’s troops and to escort her to safety in England. Will love prevail in two different centuries? Will Jane—and Eloise—get their men?

Not to give away any more of the plot, I found The Lure of the Moonflower quite a treat. Willig ties up lots of loose ends and reintroduces us to her large cast of characters from the other Pink Carnation novels in a hilarious series of complications. Her humor, characterization, plotting skill, and research shine in a very entertaining story. That said, now all we have to do is convince Ms. Willig to write another dozen or so Pink Carnation novels. (Please!)