The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite

Written by Beatrice Colin
Review by Karen Wintle

Born to a cabaret singer but orphaned in scandalous circumstances, Lilly is alone in the world. She is brought up at St. Xavier’s orphanage where she meets two women who will change the course of her life: Sister August and her close friend Hanne Schmitt. She is destined to become Lidi, a silent screen actress, and this is the story of her life outside the orphanage and the hard choices she must make.

We travel in time from the Kaiser’s Berlin to the rise of National Socialism, and we become fascinated by the social history that is related as a backdrop to the story of Lilly’s life. It is an essential part of understanding the motion picture industry that the story portrays. There is a seductive feel to this book, and not only with its alluring cover jacket. We are lured into it by a figure whose life we become engrossed with. A gripping read.