The Love of a Lifetime

Written by Mary Fitzgerald
Review by Cathy Kemp

It would be a very cynical individual who could not empathise with Richard Wilde, the narrator in this tale. Throughout a rich and varied lifetime he has met many obstacles which thwart his attempts to a fulfilled relationship with a lifetime lover. Added to this are the secrets lingering unaired within his own family and violence barely contained emanating from Richard’s older brother, Billy, whom he has idolized from an early age. Richard’s lifetime spans the 20th century, covering two world wars and active service leading right up to Independence for India. The distance he allows to build both romantically and geographically between himself and his lover, Elizabeth, looks unlikely to be breached. Mary Fitzgerald depicts the historical changes aligned with the social constrictions within this period quite accurately throughout, leaving the reader feeling enriched and provoking an emotional response.