The Long Hunter

Written by Don McNair
Review by Carol Anne Germain


This story is set in the late 18th century, a trying time for Matt McLaren, who is a survivor of an Indian massacre in which most of his family members are killed or kidnapped. This young man is determined to rescue his younger sister, Mandy, even though it seems an impossible quest. He must endure hardships through his indentured servitude with a cruel barkeep named Struthers. A kindly man, Noah Dandridge, takes Matt away from these horrific circumstances and teaches him the necessary skills for frontier survival. Struthers is infuriated by this turn of events, and the situation becomes chaotic, and there are some resulting deaths. Matt becomes a fugitive and focuses on finding his sister in Indian Territory. McNair writes a suspenseful and adventurous historical novel that many young readers will appreciate. Ages 9-12.