The Long High Noon

Written by Loren D. Estleman
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Randy Locke and Frank Farmer have had a long-standing feud ever since they worked together back in 1868. Now, a few years later, they are traveling the West, looking for work and for each other, to finish the gunfight. Enter Abraham Cripplehorn, aka Jack Dodger, who is a writer of western lore and sees a promising exhibition that could earn him a lot of money. Trouble is that the western states don’t approve of gladiatorial contests where one of the contestants could wind up dead. So he entices these two cowboys separately to face each other for money, whereby the winner takes home the prize, the loser is of course dead – the problem is to find a place where the combatants can draw on each other in front of paying spectators without going to jail.

A prolific western and adventure author, Estleman has added another entertaining story to his list. He shows his knowledge of Western lore in his writing, while providing the reader with drama and action throughout his tale. This story has interesting characters that are well formed and credible for the time period. Tension builds until the final pages when the two gunfighters meet for the last time. Who will survive to live another day? Recommended reading for Western history buffs.