The London Rose: A Regency Romance (Kendall House)

Written by Rosanne E. Lortz
Review by Ray Thompson

The arrival of a young lady on her doorstep launches Derbyshire widow, Rose Audeley, on an unexpected trip to London and entry into high society, for the young lady turns out to be the Earl of Kendall’s ward, and he is only too relieved to find someone who can manage his recently orphaned, wayward niece and her two younger sisters. His initial gratitude develops into stronger feelings, but the strict social conventions of the Regency era do create problems. Will these obstruct Rose’s opportunity for a second chance at marriage? And for finding love at last?

The problems created by strict parental control over children lead to a number of dire threats and hair-raising situations, including forced marriage, abduction, and timely rescue, but these and other, less melodramatic challenges are surmounted with little difficulty. The more serious implications of social issues raised here are passed over in favor of a comforting tale of virtue rewarded, villainy punished, and domestic problems resolved with tact and good sense. It is enlivened, however, by some mischievous irony at the expense of human conduct. For example: ‘Mrs. Audeley refrained from commenting. In her experience, when a gentleman was taking himself to task, it was best to leave the job to him.’ A sequel seems imminent. Romantics will be satisfied.