The Limehouse Text

Written by Will Thomas

Thomas Llewelyn works for the Victorian enquiry agent Cyrus Baker, a mysterious man versed in the Oriental arts, with links to London’s Chinatown district of Limehouse. In the course of their work, they come into ownership of a pawn ticket and then a book stolen from a Chinese monastery, outlining a secret and lethal form of martial arts.

A killer is on the loose, intent on tracking down the book and prepared to eliminate anyone who gets in his way. To complicate matters further, a local gangster and a government official become embroiled in the mystery and the lives of both Llewelyn and Baker are put at risk.

The Limehouse Text is an entertaining murder mystery and provides plenty of twists and turns before the final denouement. Victorian London’s Limehouse makes for an unusual and colourful setting, whilst the array of exotic characters adds extra vibrancy to the story.