The Light Before Day (Nantucket Legacy)

Written by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Review by Alice Cochran

Following the death of their grandmother, Hitty and Henry find themselves inheritors of a very large fortune. However, there are extreme strings attached, the most troublesome being the need for them to marry fellow Quakers of good standing within six years. If they don’t, the inheritance will go to their father’s arch-nemesis, a wicked man who has harmed the family before. Unfortunately for the twins, neither of their love interests meet their grandmother’s requirements. Henry pines after his childhood sweetheart, a teacher too absorbed in her mission against segregation to tend to her Quaker responsibilities, and Hitty longs for a distant widower who is a Baptist. Does the fortune mean so much to them that they will forsake these youthful crushes? Will their grandmother continue to govern their lives from beyond the grave? Facing challenges within themselves, their love lives, and against the community at large, Hitty and Henry dive into their new lives determined to serve others and best their grandmother at her own game.

Set in the 1800s on Nantucket, The Light Before Day claims a pivotal grand finale, and disparaging consequences. The book concludes with several loose ends, but hopefully there will be a sequel to tie things together. After finishing this book, many readers, including myself, will be ready for more. Overall The Light Before Day is a cute, feel-good book whose pages turn easily. Anyone looking for a light novel will find satisfaction here.