The Legion

Written by Simon Scarrow
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

Egypt. A group of renegade gladiators led by the psychotic Ajax, posing as Roman soldiers, are causing dissent and stirring rebellion, threatening the stability of the whole Roman Empire. Acting Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro are charged by the Governor of Egypt with tracking and defeating the renegade before the whole province erupts into revolt. Before they can complete their task, a rebel Nubian army invades. The renegade gladiators join forces with the rebels Cato and Macro, finding themselves joining the Twenty Second Legion, an untried and inexperienced force to face the combined enemy forces who are hell-bent on the destruction of everything Roman.

This is the latest in the successful Roman series featuring Cato and Macro. The story thunders along, taking the reader on a rollercoaster ride of revenge, military incompetence, betrayal and heat-sapping physical and mental endurance. It is well-researched, with totally believable characters, and the author brings alive the period, the people and the culture. Simon Scarrow is a top writer in the genre, and this latest offering is from an author at the top of his game. Recommended.