The Lawman said “I Do”

Written by Ana Leigh
Review by Claire Morris

After the American Civil War leaves his native Virginia devastated, Colt Fraser—the lawman of this novel’s title—decides to join family in California. As he travels along the Santa Fe Trail, he becomes wounded in an outlaw attack, and is forced to break his journey in a small New Mexico town. The local sheriff persuades him to act as his deputy until the next stagecoach passes through. Colt agrees, but his departure is delayed by the tempting presence of Cassie Braden, the sheriff’s daughter, and the return of the outlaws. Will Colt make it to California, and if so, will Cassie go with him? This romance was enriched by a trio of children—true-to-life characters whose exploits left me chuckling. I found the bickering and misunderstandings between Colt and Cassie a little tiresome, but enjoyed the story and thought the author depicted believably her chosen time and place.