The Last Tears of Scotland

Written by Thomas Greenlaw
Review by John H. Manhold

Greenlaw presents the lives of two Lords of Hume as they struggle with their assigned task of keeping peace in the border region between Scotland and England in the troubled period before the two countries finally united. Following the basic historical facts, the author has provided two protagonists with whom a reader can empathize as they try to live normal family lives while attempting to stop bandits from constantly plundering, raping, and killing along the borders.

Concurrently they must try to maintain their position in the title hierarchy by evaluating and dealing with the complicated and often unclear decisions of various kings and appointed ministers – decisions often clouded by numerous legitimate and illegitimate pretenders, their supporters and enemies, and all the lust, greed, and treachery they bring with them. The author’s presentation of this turbulent period will be appreciated by aficionados of this period in Scottish history.