The Last Illusion


It is a hot, muggy July in 1903. Molly Murphy, private investigator, is lamenting her lack of new cases. She and Daniel, her police captain fiancé, attend the theater one evening to see the famed Houdini. However, when the illusionist preceding Houdini on the billing presents the amazing feat of sawing his assistant in half, things go horribly wrong, and Daniel springs into action to investigate. Molly joins him onstage where she calms Bess, Houdini’s wife, who is shattered by the accident. Bess feels Houdini himself is at risk and hires Molly to keep watch over him. In the meantime, the illusionist and the dying assistant have mysteriously disappeared. Of course, Molly feels compelled to find out more, to see if this has anything to do with Houdini. And who is after him, if anyone?

Molly and Daniel are moving closer to marriage. However, Molly is resisting the limits that Daniel wants to impose on her—he refuses to let her continue as an investigator (not only does she put herself at risk, but think of the taunts he may endure from fellow police officers!), and he also doesn’t approve of some of her more flamboyant friends. Readers will have to wait for a future installment to find out if they will find accord. In the meantime, join Molly in hot and sticky New York City during her ever-so-engaging most recent adventure.

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(US) $24.99
(CA) $31.99

(US) 9780312385408