The Lady of Galway Manor

Written by Jennifer Deibel
Review by Thomas j. Howley

In 1920, Annabeth De Lacy’s father, a minor English nobleman, has just been posted by the English crown to a “landlord” overseer position in Galway, Ireland. These are turbulent times, but Anna is happy her father has allowed her to apprentice to a local family of jewelers who specialize in the famous Claddagh ring. Stephen Jennings, who is to be her mentor, has experienced both family and romantic tragedy associated with the English. Now Anna and Stephen are thrown together at the worst possible time as the Irish independence struggle and reactive English oppression measures flare to fever pitch.

An inspirational romance, this superb novel is also an exciting historical journey into a terrible past which occurred just one hundred years ago. The author charmingly interjects occasional flurries of Irish Gaelic which are not only linguistically flawless but lend color and realism to the story. The characters, British and Irish, are memorable and attractive, especially Stephen’s wise and lovable father, Seamus, and Anna’s valiant younger sister, Emmaline. Both romance and Irish history fans will love this book. My highest recommendation.