The Lady Most Willing: A Novel in Three Parts

Written by Connie Brockway Eloisa James Julia Quinn
Review by Monica Spence

What do you get when three Great Ladies of Romance unite their talents in one book? Pure enjoyment! A follow-up to the authors’ The Lady Most Likely, this novel in three parts is remarkable in that the authors, each with a distinct style and voice, make the story flow. The reader is swept from one section to another without being jolted when another writer takes over the tale.

Laird Taren Ferguson, afraid he will die without securing the clan’s future, needs to encourage his lackadaisical heirs, Oakley and Rocheforte, into the holy state of matrimony. So, taking matters in hand, Taren kidnaps four lovely women from a local ball. Oops. Make that four lovely ladies and one infuriated Duke of the Realm. Marilla Chisholm, her older sister, Fiona, and Cecily Tarleton have money by the boatload and grand marriage prospects. Lovely Miss Catriona Burns is a poor, local lass — an obvious mistake.

What happens when eight people are thrown together, and Cupid is hovering nearby with his arrows at the ready?  Read The Lady Most Willing and discover love and laughter on every page. Highly recommended!