The Lady Most Likely…

Written by Connie Brockway Eloisa James Julia Quinn
Review by Monica Spence

Subtitled “A Novel in Three Parts,” The Lady Most Likely is a triplet of novellas written by three of the best-loved writers of historical romance. Each story interweaves a background tale of matchmaking by the sister of the Earl of Briarly. Lady Carolyn Finchley is convinced that her horse-mad brother will never find a suitable wife, so she plans a lavish house party at her country house to solve the problem. She invites the most eligible ladies of her acquaintance, as well as some attractive gentlemen to act as escorts. Never let it be said that Lady Carolyn did not have the best intentions at heart for all of her single friends!

With three single gentlemen and three single ladies at hand, each of the authors tells the story of a specific pair and how they find love. But who gets together with whom? As in all romance novels, there is a happy ending—actually, three happy endings.

The idea of three related stories in the same book is a fun concept. The individual stories stand alone, and yet are support for one another in the full story arc. Surprisingly, the voice of each storyteller is distinctive and draws the reader in without being jarring. I recommend it and hope there will be similar anthologies planned for the future.