The Lady Behind the Masquerade (A Family of Scandals, 2)

Written by Diane Gaston
Review by Misty Urban

Diplomatic aide Marcus Wolfdon meets an intriguing woman in Paris who gives him the name Fleur, shares a night of passion, and then disappears with his purse. Six months later she’s in Brighton, England, masquerading as Juliana Walsh, a member of his friend’s family. Wolf is happy to strike up an affair with the delectable lady, though he doesn’t trust her an inch.

Juliana knows she takes a risk getting close to Wolf, and she shouldn’t grow attached to her marks, the Ashcourts. But when shady characters from Juliana’s past turn up with a plot to swindle and destroy both her found family and Wolf’s, Juliana has to use all her wits to protect the people she’s come to care about.

The pages turn swiftly as Gaston weaves an entertaining tale of deception, passion, desperation, and growing love. The emotion is convincing and the setting of Regency Brighton comes to life with its distinctive landmarks and social scene—there’s even a submarine. A delightful Regency with likeable characters, fun twists, and the subtle message that people, even the villains, are not always what they seem.