The Knight’s Conquest

Written by Juliet Landon
Review by Audrey Braver

Two betrothals and a marriage, each lasting only three months before death claimed the men involved, has convinced Lady Eloise that she is cursed. Determined to take control of her life, she petitions the king for permission to marry her steward, hoping a platonic marriage will break the curse. King Edward III, however, desires her. He names her as a prize in a tournament in which he is entered and, being the king, has every expectation of winning. After all, who among his loyal knights would be foolish enough to risk a charge of treason by raising a hand against his king, even in sport? The king has not taken into consideration the determination of his best knight, Sir Owain. Years before, Lady Eloise and Sir Owain fell in love. He has been carrying a torch ever since. Can he win her back and still survive the curse?

Juliet Landon has drawn on her love of early medieval English history for The Knight’s Conquest. The story is well-written and easy to read. Her heroine is feisty, likeable, and independent, but too twentieth century, and the attractive hero is typically Alpha.