The Inheritance

Written by Charles Finch

This, the tenth installment of the Charles Lenox series, finds the Victorian detective trying to solve the mystery of Gerald Leigh, an old schoolmate from Harrow. The questions Lenox must answer to solve the ever-increasing complexities and mounting murders include: who bequeathed Leigh a large inheritance? Did this person pay for Leigh’s schooling? And is this person also involved with the plot to kill Leigh, now a distinguished scientist? Along the way, Lenox must delve into the distinguished members of the Royal Society and London’s East End gang known as the Farthings, while his partners, Polly Buchanan and Lord John Dallington, try to solve a Parliamentary break-in that may be the work of a spy.

This is a stroll through the privileged world of the Victorian aristocrat. Finch wraps the mysteries surrounding his old school friend around the day-to-day life, speech, and mannerisms of the time. He does, however, break with conventions by adding a little shot of female empowerment in the form of Polly. The Inheritance is a well-thought-out mystery with ever-increasing stakes and bang-on details that bring the time to vivid life. An enjoyable read.