The Huntsman’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 3)

Written by Ann Swinfen
Review by Sally Zigmond

Summer 1353. Oxford is empty of students, so Nicholas Elyot deems it the right time to return home to his family farm in the area known as Wychwood, now owned by his cousin, Edmond. He travels with his sister, his children and dog plus many of his Oxford friends to help bring in the harvest. The manor now has a new owner: the flamboyant London spice merchant, Master Morden. On purchase of the estate, he is disliked by all and is a danger to young women. He so dislikes his chief huntsman, Alan, he has dismissed him but only after he has organised a final grand hunt. During that hunt, Master Morden is found dead, killed by a cross-bow bolt. Immediately his grieving widow accuses Alan and makes sure he is imprisoned pending a trial. But is he the murderer? Nicholas thinks not and seeks to prove his innocence. But who is the murderer and why? This third adventure in the Oxford Medieval Mysteries is a compelling read that paints an accurate and vivid picture of medieval life.