The Hungry Horizon: Pirates of the Pacific

Written by Mike Hawthorne
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

It’s 1679 in Port Royal, Jamaica. English sailor Tom Sheppard and two of his mates join an expedition to steal Spanish gold and silver. They are on the run after taking part in a brawl in a bar. As buccaneers on board a pirate ship, they land on the coast of Central America. They then join the pirates as they struggle and fight their way through the dense jungles, with the prospect of stealing treasure from the Spanish sometime after arriving on the Pacific coastline. They must defeat not only the Spanish but also fierce native tribes. Sheppard and his companions try to escape from these pirates, but are frustrated at every turn.

This is Book One of the Pirates of the Pacific series, which is based on true events. This nautical adventure features all the classic naval stories of the 17th century – pirates, the Spanish Main, and the search for gold and silver bullion. This is a fast-paced, page-turning naval adventure written for those who enjoy action and suspense at every turn, with evil bad guys who try to thwart the plans of our unlikely heroes. I highly recommend adding this book to your naval library and can’t wait until the next installment is published.