The House of Silk

Written by Anthony Horowitz
Review by Melanie Clegg

To the delight of Sherlock fans everywhere, there’s been a definite surge of renewed interest in Sherlock Holmes in recent years thanks in part to the excellent Guy Ritchie films and the equally brilliant BBC series “Sherlock”.

The House of Silk taps into all of this and, like the Guy Ritchie films, offers an interpretation of the original Holmes but with a subtly modern twist. I thought his Holmes very reminiscent of the one in “Sherlock” – an awkward yet not charmless man, gifted with great intellect and regarding his fellow man with amused disdain.

The actual plot of The House of Silk has a cracking pace, full of twists and turns and malevolent deeds in the grimy swirling streets of Victorian London as Holmes pits his wits against two very different intertwined cases and at the same time defends himself against an attempt to discredit him. Although the overall tone is authentic, it’s often easy to spot that this book was in fact a modern creation.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes or just in the market for some really excellent period crime busting, then I’d definitely recommend this book.