The Highlander’s Kilted Bride (Clan Kendrick)

Written by Vanessa Kelly
Review by Misty Urban

Charlotte “Charlie” Stewart first falls for quiet Kade Kendrick when they are children, and she watches from afar as he becomes an accomplished concert pianist and sometime spy. When Kade’s family visits for the wedding of her sister, headstrong, kilt-wearing Charlotte, a verifiable Highland hooligan, finds the grownup Kade handsomer, brawnier, and kinder than she dared dream. As she provides inspiration for a concerto he’s writing, Kade finds a keen head and a warm heart inside the saucy Charlie, but he’ll have to beat away unwanted suitors and solve a mystery before he can claim this unconventional lass for his own.

Kelly adores her garrulous characters, and scenes roll on with pages of merry banter as characters one-up each other in wit. A plot engages when an heirloom brooch turns up missing, but Kade handily proves his worth and wins his lady. If modest in tension, the book is big in heart. Fans of Kelly’s Highland Regencies will enjoy spending more time with the boisterous Kendricks, especially crafty Angus.