The Highlander’s Irish Bride (Clan Kendrick)

Written by Vanessa Kelly
Review by Misty Urban

When a prank ends with her being sent to visit relatives in Glasgow, lively Irish lass Kathleen Calvert is welcomed into the Kendrick clan by all but the reserved man of business Grant Kendrick, whom she finds a bit boring. Kathleen and Grant’s early interactions take place somewhat on the sidelines as characters from earlier books crowd the scene with their wit and antics, and Kathleen is largely defined by her reactions to her unmanageable younger sister. Once they head further north, Kathleen discovers the rugged Highlander beneath Grant’s staid exterior and is given scope to demonstrate previously hidden talents, like a skill for designing gardens. The need to continually extricate her headstrong sister from scrapes while their peaceful Highland village is under attack by a criminal gang provides ample drama for Kathleen and Grant to confront, and their developing courtship is fraught with realistically awkward, but endearing moments. The tone is lively and bright, the dialogue pitch-perfect for 1820s Britain, and for readers who relish extended scenes of humorous banter, this is a delightful read.