The Highlander’s English Bride (Clan Kendrick)

Written by Vanessa Kelly
Review by Anna Bennett

London, 1822. Graeme Kendrick has a job to do—one that requires concentration, stealth, and no small amount of footwork. When Lady Sabrina Bell comes into the picture, however, all three of those are disrupted. Headstrong and unused to being denied, Lady Sabrina has her own agenda, but when danger looms she finds Graeme’s next assignment is by her side. As the two navigate from London’s thieves to Edinburgh’s pickpockets and on into the Highlands, they’ll find more in common than they expected—including a penchant for trouble. Will the stubborn pair be able to set aside their opposing plans and work together? Will Graeme or his family prove more irascible in the fight for his heart?

The Highlander’s English Bride is the third in Kelly’s Clan Kendrick series, and while it gives a nod to the earlier stories, the story has been well-crafted to stand either in line or independently. The book reads at times as a modern twist on a Regency Romance, but it is enjoyable nonetheless, and this reader will be circling back to start the series at the top.