The Highlander’s Bride Trouble

Written by Mary Wine
Review by Tamela McCann

Gentlewoman Nareen Grant has escaped marriage by becoming a servant to the spoiled, annoying Abigail, but it’s the only way she can have a measure of independence in the Scottish Highlands. Still, she hasn’t escaped the notice of Laird Saer MacLeod, and he is determined to make Nareen come to him as his bride. Through her love of riding, Nareen allows Saer to get closer to her than she’d planned, but still holds him at arm’s length. When Lady Abigail makes an ill-advised and unexpected trip to return to Court, the two women find themselves kidnapped and Laird MacLeod comes to their “rescue.” Forcing Nareen to accompany him to his castle, Saer works overtime trying to change her strong-willed resolve so that she will acquiesce to his demands of marriage. This, in turn, forces Nareen to dig in her heels even though Saer’s determination begins to make inroads despite her promise to remain unwed.

This romance is a very quick read, and Saer and Nareen are easily likeable as two hard-headed Scots equally determined to have their own way in this relationship. Of course there is a lot of sex and unlikely situations, but since those are hallmarks of a fun romance, it’s easy to forgive the obligatory push/pull plot. I did grow weary of the accented speech because it seemed very affected, and the spunky heroine’s reasonings for remaining unmarried were just silly in a time when women had no say. But overall this is a good story that moves along quickly and can be enjoyed for its light-hearted spirit.