The Highland Renegade (Lords of the Highlands Book 5)

Written by Amy Jarecki
Review by Ray Thompson

Feuds have a long tradition in the Scottish Highlands, and the situation has not much changed on the eve of the First Jacobite Rebellion in 1715. Clan Grant and Clan Cameron are enemies, but when Laird Robert Grant saves Janet Cameron, the chieftain’s daughter, from the redcoats, mutual attraction soon develops into love. But can love heal old hatreds? Since this is a romance, the answer is yes, but it does require courage and determination.

This is the Romeo and Juliet story with a happy ending, and it offers useful insights into the problems that plagued the rebels: feuds divided the Highland clans, commercial development discouraged support in the Lowlands, a ‘king’ more French than Scottish. Adventure abounds: duels, rescues, a desperate flight in a blizzard, fall down a steep slope, broken arm. The characters are stereotypical, unsurprisingly: bold and beautiful heroine in need of frequent rescue, valiant but honorable hero who’s just the man for the job, hostile relatives and loyal friends, arrogant redcoats and a despicable villain. This will delight readers who relish passionate romances set in the Highlands, idealized protagonists, and a strong dose of melodrama at the climax.