The High Calling, 1940

Written by Gilbert Morris
Review by Sue Schrems

Gilbert Morris is a prolific writer of Christian fiction, and this latest volume in the House of Winslow series is set in the 1940s. Katherine Winslow has just finished nursing school and begins to date, while trying to figure out God’s purpose for her life. She rejects marriage and the traditional pursuits of young women. Instead, she follows a path she believes would be in God’s design: she applies to missionary societies and is eventually sent to England, where the European war is starting to escalate. In the end, Katherine discovers that her “high calling” was not what she thought it would be.

In this series, Morris creates stories about the forces and people who shaped America. He follows the Winslow family from those who arrived in America on the Mayflower through the most important moments in American history. Each book portrays the spiritual journeys and life experiences of the characters down through the generations of the Winslow family.