The Heiress He’s Been Waiting for (Hamilton Cousins)

Written by Kaitlin O’Riley
Review by India Edghill

In 1894 New York, Sara Fleming has fallen in love—with a man her wealthy parents believe to be an unworthy fortune-hunter. So they drag Sara to visit their family in England to forget him. Although furious with her parents, she is delighted to meet all her aunts and cousins—actually, anyone would be, as the extended Hamilton clan is charming. All the sisters have married into the nobility and run a chain of very successful bookstores. Despite herself, Sara’s having a fine time during the London Season, especially when she decides to pretend her father has lost all his money and she’s not an heiress anymore.

This is unfortunate, as the Earl of Bridgeton falls madly in love with Sara, but he can’t afford to marry anything but an heiress, no matter how much he loves the American Not-Heiress… and then Sara’s New York flame, who is a fortune hunter, and his avaricious mistress show up in London, and the real fireworks start. (Balls, elopements, delicious teas, an adorable small dog….)

As a historical novel, it’s rather silly. But as a historical romance, it’s excellent, with a tight plot, likable characters, and just enough twists in the tale to keep it very enjoyable.