The Heir

Written by Grace Burrowes

The Earl of Westhaven is not a Regency rake, but Anna Seaton, his most unusual housekeeper, does not know that when she surprises him in a compromising position with the parlor maid. In defense of her staff, she hits him on the head, rendering him unconscious. When Westhaven learns that Anna is literate not only in English but also in Latin, German, French, Gaelic, Welsh and Italian, he is intrigued with discovering who she is. The more he discovers about her, the more he wants to know. Anna is not immune to the handsome Earl’s charms, and they soon become lovers. The Earl’s father is a duke and desperate to have his son marry and produce an heir. Tired of his father’s machinations to get him wed, the Earl proposes to Anna. She refuses repeatedly for reasons she doesn’t divulge, which only cements the Earl’s determination to make her his bride. Ms. Burrowes’ characters are well developed, and the plot is interesting, but it takes too long to get to the point and would benefit from some tightening. That said, this debut novel has much else to recommend it.