The Guardian

Written by Margaret Mallory
Review by Troy Reed

Award-winning author Margaret Mallory enters the realm of Scottish historical romances with The Guardian, the first book in a new series, The Return of the Highlanders. In 16th-century Scotland on the Isle of Skye, Ian MacDonald returns home with his three cousins after five years of fighting in France to find his clan in danger and without a leader. Before he can help his clan, Ian must take care of his family and begin to live the life he has long resisted. Before leaving for France, Ian was forced to marry a childhood friend, Sileas MacKinnon, against his wishes, because of an unfortunate misunderstanding that put Sileas’ reputation at risk. Sileas had always loved Ian and thought of him as her protector. Now that Sileas has grown into a beautiful young woman, Ian is ready to take her as his bride, but Sileas will not give in so easily and wants Ian to prove his love to her. Packed with action, adventure, romance, and passion, Mallory has created the start to another great series that leaves the reader wanting more.