The Green Mill Murder

Written by Kerry Greenwood
Review by Patrika Salmon

Ah, wondrous Phryne Fisher, detective extraordinaire, Australian playgirl, and woman-about-town (circa the 1920s) is back. Wherever she goes, murder follows. Dancing at the Green Mill dance marathon with the “tedious but socially acceptable escort” Charles Freeman, a man falls dead at her feet. Murdered, of course.

               Who did it? Phryne doesn’t care, but it seems her partner, Charles, might be involved. His awful mother wants her to “sort it all out,” and also find Charles’s older brother whom Charles was told is dead. The plot thickens delightfully.

Part of the charm of these books is the odd things one learns via Miss Fisher. This time there’s an excellent potted history of jazz, the best explanation of shell shock I’ve read, and the delights of flying a Gypsy Moth.

               Does Phryne get her man? It depends which man you mean, the murderer or the lover. Read it, enjoy, and find out.