The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocketwatch Conspiracy

Written by Jacopo Della Quercia
Review by Kathryn Johnson

Take a gifted comedy writer who has a taste for history and ask him to write a novel of his choice, and you might come up with just about anything from President Nixon in drag to Egyptian laborers swapping one-liners in front of the pyramids. Jacopo Della Quercia, a veteran writer for the website and entertaining articles for a host of publications and television programs, opts for rollicking steampunk adventures in his new novel. He gathers up a fistful of historical figures – starting with President William Howard Taft and Robert Todd Lincoln – then launches into an alternate history that bounces from the final moments of President Abraham Lincoln’s life to a shootout on the Titanic. Quercia doesn’t just use historical events to invent a story, he plays with them much as a child gleefully experiments with the brightest colors from a box of crayons. A green sun here, a red tree there, a blue dog to satisfy his imagination.

The author manipulates history as he spins his outrageously humorous yarn. The result is a frenetic adventure that’s entertaining – so long as the reader is willing to surrender to the pure fantasy and ignore what we believe we know of the real world and its events. A fun read that weaves conspiracy theory, mystery, and unimaginable technologies.